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Courses and training sessions

individual Course:
This is a 60 minutes lesson; first aiming at creating a transition with what the student has lived before the course and allowing them to enter a space intimacy and appeasing with oneself. This part of work is important because the energy used to sing springs from the entire body.
Thus I propose stretching and a progressive warming up of all the articulations of the body, a massage of one’s own face (without forgetting the ears, which conceal many acupuncture spots), breathing exercises inspired from Tai-chi in which the student is placed in a situation favourable to the release of their mental control."

of course a progressive and dynamic vocal warming up follows, with checking of the technical level achieved and proposals for new improvements. This is the practical application, with singing exercises or short song samples, of the essential components of my teaching.

For the pleasure of singing, this technique is then applied very concretely to pieces which I suggest to the student or which they choose to work. When the time is ripe, I can provide pianist accompaniment for the student.

collectives Courses:
To look and listen to the work of another student is extremely formative for all the pupils, whatever their levels. It is both interesting and reassuring for everybody to note in others the same difficulties : asking oneself questions and putting things into perspective make it possible to better understand one’s own functioning.

As for the individual lessons, this course always starts with body work to which are added; vocal games and improvisation. The environment is happy and relaxed, but also studious, which allows fast results. Each participant benefits from the accompaniment of a pianist during the day and is allowed personalized follow-up of their work, in the style of a "assessment vocal".

I can also propose beforehand duets, trios, vocal quartets, or more to be prepared and sung together. These collective courses are a convivial musical space allowing friendly exchanges.

Training courses

The training courses are carried out either over weekends or 5 days periods and are proposed on the model of the collective courses. (see explanations above)

You are kindly invited to contact us for further information..